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Devices Setup

Instructions in detail how to set-up your device..

  • Open Kodi
  • Select TV
  • Select Enter add-on browser
  • Select PVR IPTV Simple Client
  • Select Configure
  • Select General
  • If you have a URL for your m3u list set Location to Remote Path (Internet Address)
  • Then Select M3U Play List URL
  • Enter the URL of your M3U Play List and select OK
  • If you have an M3U text file stored locally on your network/computer/box then set the Location to Local Path (include Local Network)
  • Then Select M3U Play List URL
  • Navigate to where the file is stored and select it
  • Select OK
  • Select Enable
  • Wait for notification of channels loaded
  • Now when you go back to the Home Screen and select TV.
  • You shall have the channels now then !

Apps that run IPTV

1- Kodi

2- Perfect Player



5- Prog t

6- Smart IPTV

You can try any of these below maybe.


App link :




App link :

1- Download Smart IPTV app on the device.
2- You will get the MAC address on the screen.
3- Pass us the MAC address through (Email, DM or whatsapp) and we will upload the playlist.
4- Restart the TV in 5 minutes and you will have the channels on the TV.



Kodi is the best one to use as it is userfriendly and not really hard to setup.
It will require the (PVR SIMPLE IPTV client) app to run.



1- Download the app
2- Then add the portal address we have on the website, see MAG’s set up guide tab.
3- Add that link
4- Pass us the MAC CODE and we will add it to the portal.
5- Easy as that



1- Download the following app



2- Follow this video tutorial



1- Download the following app

2- Right above you see 3 parallel lines

3- Click on it
4- Remote playlist
5- Right side at the top (+) > Plus button or add button
6- Add M3U URL
7- PLAYLIST LINK : (Paste the one we give you after purchase°
8- Add
9- Click OK & Done

  • You will need to get the M3U link off us if you want to set up manually on your ZGemma or any other boxes.
  • Then follow the guide below

Please see the following link for a PDF tutorial on setting  up EPG & Bouqets



App required- (SMART IPTV APP)

Smart IPTV app- It is super easy, All you gotta do is install the SMART IPTV app and then you will get a MAC CODE on the screen.
Pass us the MAC code and we will upload the playlist from our side and then all you gotta do is restart the device.
Then you will see the changes and have them channels on the box.


1- Download Smart IPTV app on the device.

2- You will get the MAC address on the screen.

3- Pass us the MAC address through (Email, DM or whatsapp) and we will upload the playlist.

4- Restart the TV in 5 minutes and you will have the channels on the TV.


App required- (OTT PLAYER)

If you using SONY SMART TV then you need to download the OTT PLAYER from the store.
Then you gotta pass us the SPECIAL-OFFER credentials of the OTT PLAYER and then we upload the playlist.
Easy as that.



  • Download VLC Media Player
  • Open VLC Media Player
  • Press CTRL + N (ie. open Network Stream)
  • Paste the link you received from us and click play
  • Now press CTRL + L to view your playlist
1- Send us your mac address by Email or by contact page.
2- ADD this portal address :
Once you pass us the MAC address we add it to the server & then you add that above portal and restart the box & see the magic.
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